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25 Degrees

Some (most) days I wake up craving a hamburger. I think I was born with this problem. Very seldom is it that a big juicy hamburger does not sound good to me. After having a not so fabulous meal at a very "trendy", but will not be named, Beverly Hills restaurant the previous night, we all woke up STARVING for some decent food. While making our touristy rounds through Hollywood, we popped in the Roosevelt Hotel trying to find one restaurant recommended by a friend, but found that it was not open until dinner and we gladly stumbled upon 25 Degrees, also inside the Roosevelt Hotel.

You enter directly off of Hollywood Boulevard to find a restaurant that is swanky and cozy. They had a great drink menu and we treated ourselves to some Bloody Mary's while waiting for our table. We had 6 people with us, which is not the biggest crowd, but not the smallest. The staff was absolutely accommodating to use while we waited and they continued their excellent service throughout our meal. 

Now to finally talk about the amazing burger that I indulged in while there. You can Create Your Own Burger from the choice of: ground sirloin, turkey, yellowfin tuna, or veggie. I chose the ground sirloin and went with a classic burger with white American cheese. They had a variety of different sauces to choose to accompany your burger/fries and I got the Thousand Island. It was literally to die for. The sweet potato fries were heavenly in the sauce. The regular fries were equally as good and it was the perfect addition to my classic burger. I am trying, as I might, to branch out when I go to restaurants more this year, but this particular day was not the one to start for me. I am not a picky eater by any means, I just tend to stick to things that I know I will enjoy. The fear of a bad meal overwhelms me, as sad as that is. 

I can say while in Los Angeles, I thoroughly enjoyed my eating excursions, which usually are the best part of any trip for me. Because I am so new to the Atlanta area, I plan to eat my way around town to find my new favorite spots. Stay tuned for many more restaurant posts in the future!

Until next time, happy eating!

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