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atlanta snow storm 2014

As I sit here, it sounds like its raining from all the ice FINALLY melting on our roof. Let me start by saying Rustin and I were very lucky when it came to this snow storm this week. From the horror stories I have heard and read about from here in Atlanta and in my hometown, Birmingham, my heart has really been breaking for what so many people have gone through.

Our snow storm story:

I started off from the school I substitute at in Buckhead and headed home about 2:30pm to travel the 8 miles back to my house. Truthfully, I was shocked when I woke up and saw that school had not been cancelled and even more surprised as I saw the snow coming down during school and we still had not been dismissed. Anyways, school let out at 2:00pm and like I said I left about 2:30pm. Rustin had been let go from work about 11:00am but was getting the horror reports from people that had left right then and stayed back in hopes the traffic would get better. As frustrated and nervous as I was  getting for him not leaving right when he could have, he made the right choice (there, I said it!). Rustin takes 285N home to get to our exit 16, Atlanta Road. It took him from about 3:30pm to 7:00pm to get to our house. 15 miles, about 3.5 hours and really not bad at all for what most people experienced. I on the other hand had been stuck on West Wesley Road and then Moores Mill from 2:30pm-7:00pm. But by some grace of God, I chose not to get on 75, which was were the gridlock might have been the worst.

Born and raised in Alabama, I have only seen heavy snow a handful of times (in my Southern standard of heavy snow) and I have NEVER driven in it. I also was getting very low on gas, cue the panic attacks. I had not eaten all day, I had nothing to drink in my car and I was on residential roads with no gas station in sight. I knew the Race Trac on Bolton Rd was not far, less than 4 miles to be exact, but the fact that I was going .8 miles (POINT 8) per hour was not promising that I was getting to gas soon. Cell phones were tied up due to the storm/gridlock and I could only receive calls and text, but luckily my sweet dad all the way in Houston was calling about every 5 minutes to check on me. Along this road due to curves and small hills, I was getting stuck and burning rubber in the ice over and over again...this FREAKED me out. I also had been communicating with Rustin during my terrible journey and we decided it was going to be best for us to meet at that Race Trac and my sweet angel came and got me (against the terrible traffic) after sitting in his fair share of it. Finally arriving to the gas station after 5 hours of pure panic, I get stuck pulling in, a sweet man stops walking just to push me out and get me in a parking spot, I am so thankful for him.

Rustin and I sat in traffic 4 miles from our house from 7:30pm until finally arriving home at 12am. We contemplated walking, but in our work clothes and me coming off having the flu last week, waiting it out in traffic was our best bet. If it weren't for his extremely careful driving, knowing how to drive in the mud (apparently helps with ice/snow, who knows), and his well-thought out moves that advanced us HOURS ahead of traffic, we would have been on Atlanta Road for at least 4 more hours. I could not be more thankful for him coming to get me, getting me home safely and of course dealing with my complaining the whole way. In my own defense, I did have a migraine from all the stress!

Now for some iPhone photos before my real camera photos and fun in the snow!

My Southern blood is not used to this kind of weather and never plans to get used to it. I have nothing against the winter, actually love it and prefer the apparel in wintertime, but snow and icey roads...definitely not my thing. Saying prayers for those seriously affected. School is called off again tomorrow, so another day at home for me! Not hating these snow days that much now, since I got one day with Rustin at home with me and now two more for myself! Stay warm everyone!!

Until next time, safe travels!

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