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exploring los angeles + beverly hills

After being sick with the flu last week and then dealing with this terrible snow storm this week, I am finally back on track with my posts!! On our first full day of our trip to California, we just took off (in our minivan) to explore and do all things touristy. The real reason we were there was to support our Auburn Tigers, but we had several days to explore and that we did! Our first stop was an attempt to go to the Griffith Observatory. Well, obviously we were big idiots to try, the whole city was there it seemed like! There was no parking in the Observatory's parking lot and the miles  (4+) uphill to get there was just simply not worth it! Call me anxious, but walking up narrow, windy roads where cars are speeding by is not exactly my cup of tea! We did however, stop to get some pictures along the way, even saw a few coyotes! From this point we could not hardly see the city, sadly enough!

Love these people! William and Lindsay are like our additional family members and travel with us often. William went to the same high school as my brother and I. Joseph and William were also fraternity brothers at Auburn. Lindsay is William's beautiful wife and she makes the fabulous Auburn camera strap seen on her arm, along with many others that can be found in her etsy shop, Lindsay's Monograms. All her fabrics are so cute and she will do customs as well! Go check her out, she is so talented! 

Rustin is a huge Andrea Bocelli fan, which is just ironic because my dad and grandfather loved him too! Here is one of Rustin's favorites, Con the Partiro, which now that I am typing this, wondering if this favorite of his came from a particular Will Farrell movie...hmmmmm.... :) We all thought these streets and trees reminded us of the movie, The Holiday! Which actually after all this snow I could not think of a better movie to cuddle up on the couch and watch! It literally does not get old. 


Cheesing on RodeoPretty Woman...walking down the street...

Dream, dream, dreeeeeeeeeammmm, dreeee-eee-eeeeammmmmm. Our dreams are so very different and that is just fine.

Dream, dream, dreeeeeeeeeammmm, dreeee-eee-eeeeammmmmm. Our dreams are so very different and that is just fine.

All in all, I absolutely loved this day. We had a fabulous lunch at 25 Degrees, which I wrote about in a previous post. We had so many good laughs, good food and beautiful California weather. What else could you ask for? Days like these are some of the best memories you can make: an unplanned day, in a city unknown to you, with people that you love.

Until next time, safe travels!

herb roasted chicken w. dot's sauce

atlanta snow storm 2014