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my parents' 40th anniversary party

my parents' 40th anniversary party

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope this day finds you well and you make sure all of your loved ones know how much you care about them today! Back in late September of 2013 I had the pleasure, along with several family and friends, to give my parents the most amazing 40th Anniversary Party. I thought Valentine's Day was such an appropriate day to do this post, because the whole party was about the love that my parents share. To think about being with someone for 40 years is often something people cannot wrap their heads around. My parents have showed me a true testament of what a marriage is and I can only hope to be blessed with a lasting marriage such as theirs one day. This was such a special evening with so many loved ones flowing in and out of my parents home. I wish I could relive this night (minus Auburn's loss to LSU) all over again.

So thankful for the talented Jennifer Pharr for capturing these special moments on such a great night for my family.

My dear friend Tori did such an amazing job with this chalkboard. It was the perfect thing for all of our guests to see as they were walking up to the house.

And my Mom tried to tell me this wreath had "had it" his Fall...silly woman! SO pretty.

The food place cards are also by Victoria Austin Designs.

The color for 40th Anniversaries is Ruby so it was pretty easy to get a hold of some gorgeous flowers in the fall. We actually went to a wholesale flower shop in downtown Birmingham and it turned out to be SO awesome and economical!

When throwing any sort of party it is a key thing to keep in mind simplicity. You do not want to kill yourself trying to prepare food...especially for the 75+ gussets we had coming! The food you see pictured is a simple vegetable tray, which we served with a Thousand Island Dip made by a friend. Also pictured is the most amazing hummus from one of my absolute favorite Greek places in Homewood, Alabama, Nabeels. If you are ever in the Homewood area, I highly recommend you stopping by, even if its just to grab some hummus from their market!

I have to say, I am so very proud of this Antipasto Platter. My dad is a huge fan of these so I wanted to make one extra special for him. The meats: prosciutto, pepperoni, hard salami and capicola. For the cheeses: parmesan, asiago, provolone and baby bocconcini. I added olives, sweet peppers and fresh figs as garnish and served some crunchy breadsticks along side.

Hummus from Nabeels served with whole wheat and white pita bread.

Our dear friends, who are really family members, Rich and Andy made this delicious ham. They also brought so many of these gorgeous serving pieces which I was so grateful for.

Remember that Best Ever Pimento Cheese I posted about earlier this week? We served that recipe on some simple white bread. Cannot tell you what a hit these always are. And I know most 'tea' type sandwiches don't have the crust...but I am ALL about the crust.

This Chocolate Mousse is the most simple dessert recipe you will ever make and I am not kidding. I will have to do a full post on these sinful little shots, but for now just check out the recipe on Food Network for the one that I used. And aren't these food tags just perfect?! Thank you so much to Victoria Austin Designs I just loved the wine cork detail!

Baby Bites. Heaven on earth. If you live in the Birmingham area, or the next time you are there, run...don't walk to Pastry Art and treat yourself to one of these.

I few years back I was introduced to the heaven on earth that is a Baby Bite. Made by the fabulous bakery, Pastry Art, they have now turned into a staple for any family gathering in my home. They have tons of delicious flavors and I have never had a bad one. These are so good and tiny there's not even any guilt afterwards :) ...mainly because there must be something wrong with you if you ever regret eating a Baby Bite.

We always serve on glass. It just is better, bottom line. We had a fabulous helper, Nancy, who kept the dishes cleaned and ready for guests to fill up their plates! Could not have gotten through the night without her.

Simple Fall arrangements on some of the tables.

Thanks again to Victoria Austin Designs for this amazing idea. We had to convert my parents  garage <gasp> to seat the large amount of people we had coming. You should know that my parents are the most organized people you will ever meet. You could basically eat off their garage floor, but still, having their Costco stockpile visible was not ideal in our minds. So my Dad covered the shelves with this brown paper and Tori came to the rescue with this adorable decor!

So many memories. I just love them.

No party is a party in the Covington house without a well stocked bar. Also, at the bar while people are standing in line to have their drinks made, it is nice to have out some 'pick up' foods such as almonds, wasabi peas and kettle chips! Easy!

Lemons and limes add such a nice touch to a bar.

Loved this wine holder Andy brought for us to use...just perfect!

Fabulous wine...fabulous time. I have been to the Silver Oak Winery in Napa, it is beyond beautiful.

I know everyone thinks they have the perfect pup (and significant other ;) ) but I actually DO!!!!!

My Uncle, Maw Maw and Dad!

Thanks to Jennifer, we got our Christmas card taken care of with this shot!

Watching the video I made them. So many memories in 40 years.

I am so glad my parents, along with everyone else, had such a great time watching the video. I had the best time looking back over the past 40 years of all the adventures my parents had been on together.

I don't even know how I got so lucky, but I will never take a day for granted! These are my people.

Best big brother around! Even though you like to argue with everything I have to say, I love you the same.


Here is a rundown of the party vendors and food!

Styling/Planning | Magnolia Thymes 

Photography | Jennifer Pharr

Chalkboard/Styling/Food Cards/Invites | Victoria Austin Designs

Flowers | Davis Wholesale Florist

Chicken Salad | Urban Cookhouse

Baby Bites | Pastry Art

Hummus | Nabeels

Chicken Fingers | Zaxby's

Pimento Cheese | Homemade, recipe here.

Chocolate Mousse/Pots de Creme | Homemade, recipe here.

Pasta Salad | Homemade

Antipasti Platter | Homemade

Ham | Homemade

Vegetable Tray and Dip | Homemade

Mustard Marinated Shrimp | Homemade

For the recipes that were homemade and do not have a link, I will get a blog post in the works to recreate these dishes because they were all just so fabulous! This really was the prefect spread for our guests.

Whenever someone you love has a big moment in their life, one of the best things you can do for them is bring their closest friends and family together to join in celebration. There are so many thank you's deserved to every single person who had a hand in this party, I certainly could not have done it on my own. It really was the best night and I cannot wait for the next big moment to come so we can do something like this again!

Until next time,

pimento cheese BLT

vanilla valentine milkshake