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lately + brand market workshop

lately + brand market workshop

It has been quite some time since I have posted and I feel the need to catch everyone up with what I have been up to! I spent the better parts of March-May in a long term substitute teaching position. Let me just say it was one of the biggest learning experiences of my life thus far and I have gained a much deeper respect for those that are in the field permanently. So how did I end up there you might ask, if I am not indeed an educator? Well, I spent half of my time at Auburn in the College of Education, thinking it was what I wanted. Let's be honest, how does one ever really know what they want while they're in school? Well, I hit the panic mode before my junior year and realized that education, at the time and still to this day, was not the clear cut path for me. Ultimately, I decided to graduate with an English degree because we all know that people are knocking down the doors in the search for an English Major. All joking aside, it was an extremely challenging major, I read some amazing things, although some were so dreadfully boring and complex it took a lot out of me, and I wrote more papers than you would ever dream, to the point that the S, C and D letters are rubbed off the MacBook I am currently typing on.  Long story short, I was fortunate enough to stumble into this substitute position and thoroughly enjoyed my time there! It was the perfect job as I adjusted to a new city. 

One of the main reasons I took my hiatus is because I felt that I could not, at the time, give this blog my all and I wanted to do some serious planning for posts. Starting a blog is not an easy task! Not that I thought it was going into this whole ordeal, I just wanted to reiterate that for the moment.

I have gotten my Facebook page up and running during my time off and I would love it if you have not had the chance to, to head over and like my page, do so now! I also changed my instagram name to @magnoliathymes, so follow along as I give a little insight to my personal life and the building of this blog!

As I talked much about in my last post about Brand Market, I failed to add the photos that I took while there (blogger of the year, I know). I will say again that I am forever grateful for this workshop, especially for the friendships and connections that I have taken with me.

The studio space of Juli Vaughn was just incredible. These gorgeous florals were done by Juli.

I am beyond envious of her prop selection.

We were given a small box to create a little vignette and also had more florals and props to choose from that one could dream! I loved the hands-on part of this workshop and definitely recommend if you're looking for any sort of workshop or conference, to see if there is a hands-on portion. I cannot stress how helpful and exciting it is to see so many creatives working and interpreting the same items in so many different ways.

Thank you to Mary Grace for capturing this action shot of me!

 So thankful to have met these girls. Please go check out Lauren's amazing blog, Love Lola, and Mary Grace's adorable Paper Shop, Mary Grace Paperie! It is so refreshing to meet people who really get what you do and where you want to go.

One last snip-it of a few of the items in our swag bags!

Greeting Cards | Puddle Duck Paper Co.

Pencils | B is for Bonnie Design

Notebook | Rifle Paper Co.

Key Chain | Son of a Sailor 

Today, I started an internship with the amazingly talented Kathryn McCrary. She was the photographer at Brand Market,  not of these terrible photos in this post ;) and I look forward to spending my summer as her sidekick. Cannot wait to learn so much from you Kathryn!

Until the next time that won't be a million months from now I swear,

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