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nashville bachelorette weekend

nashville bachelorette weekend

My very first day at Auburn was quite a nerve wracking one, which I was entirely too cool to admit at the time. All of my classes were in one building, The Haley Center. This building was so difficult to get around that I spent the majority of my 4.5 years inside of it and still got lost on a daily basis. I had done all of my prep work, bought my books ahead of time, done a walk through of my classes the day before, but being prepared doesn't take away the fear you have going into the classroom for the first time. The moment I walked into Dr. Brody's English Composition I class, he told us that we would not be meeting on Friday's, which immediately had me thinking, this will not be so bad.  I looked to my right and there was a girl that had the same shirt on as me and same sunglasses on her head as I had on mine. It was clearly destined to be a fast friendship from the start. Her name is Laine and college would simply not have been the same without her. Although we both just recently graduated and the memories are not far in the past, I wish so badly we could be back in our apartment at Edge West and late-night munch (probably Willy's) together after a good night at Sky.

This dear friend of mine, Laine, got married this past Christmas and I had the pleasure to stand by her side as her Maid of Honor. As my MOH duties went, I planned the Bachelorette Trip and I had an absolute blast doing so. With bridesmaids in multiple states across the Southeast, we decided that Nashville would be easy enough for all of us to get there. We all were arriving at various times and some rather late, so I thought it would be a perfect idea to get something catered in our rooms so we wouldn't have to spend our first few hours of the night at a crowded restaurant and everyone could grab some when they arrived. Luckily, our hotel was on the same street as the Taziki's in Nashville and I ordered a big platter of Friday Pasta. When thinking about feeding a group of any kind I was think about certain things such as: is it easy to serve? Is it easy to eat? Does it stay out of the refrigerator or away from heat and keep its form/taste? The Friday Pasta did all of those things and I can promise you there wasn't even one noodle left.

After tirelessly searching for a banner, I decided the best thing for me to do was to make my own for this occasion. I wanted one to match my color scheme and to be perfectly honest, it is very hard to find one that isn't a) tacky or b) overpriced ...

After I made the DIY banner, I felt I should just carry on with my whole DIY theme, so all the decor and party favors were something I made or put together!

I am a sucker for any sort of Prosecco, then I found it in a tiny bottle in one of my favorite colors and about died!

Of course I forgot to take a photo once everyone started opening them, what can I say I actually like to enjoy the moments! But inside I had an EOS mint balm, some hand-sanitzer, lotion, Advil, stain remover, and a few other weekend survivals. They were SO cute.

The tags I made from a free template online, the backgrounds at least and then I have a punch that creates that shape. It cost me nothing at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon and I have used it so much making all sorts of name tags!

I highly recommend Cabana for anyone going to Nashville for a Bachelorette party or just a girls weekend! Within each adorable cabana you have your own TVs and iPod doc. Being SEC girls, we  had some football games to watch seeing that we were there in the fall all the while listening to our own personal playlist. When we arrived we had placed an order (that you can easily do on their website) for a Champagne toast upon our arrival and some very fun and inappropriate party favors on the table. We had the best time and the food was absolutely delicious. The menu has so much to choose from that really anyone no matter what type of eater they are or what they're craving, can settle on something.

Hotel Accommodations | Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

First night catering | Taziki's

Second night dinner | Cabana

Decor + favors + planning | Magnolia Thymes

I am still (so many months later) happy that we chose Nashville and went to all the places that we did! Other than maybe having a few too many, the weekend was absolutely perfect! Girls weekends really are the best, especially when you're celebrating a beautiful bride!

 Until next time,

roasted peppers with goat cheese

roasted peppers with goat cheese

lately + brand market workshop

lately + brand market workshop