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This year marks our 6th summer on Lake Martin as a family. My brother and I being in school together at Auburn, only 35 minutes from Lake Martin, gave my parents the push to get a lake house that we had hoped for basically our whole lives. There are not many lakes in the South that can compare to the beauty of Lake Martin. When my parents bought this house in the tiny town of Dadeville, Alabama, I never imagined that just a short boat ride away there would be this unbelievable restaurant that makes you feel like you are quite literally a world away. Being at the lake already makes you feel relaxed and on cloud nine, but then you take a boat ride from our house over to the amazing Springhouse Restaurant at Russell Crossroads and your breath is taken away. The first time I went I remember saying that I felt like we were in a foreign country. I still feel that way. Chef Rob McDaniel creates dishes based around ingredients in the height of their season and the way he prepares them are just unlike any other. Lake Martin is so very lucky to have Chef Rob and Springhouse as whole.

Broseph just HAD to keep the shades on...

Canoes at the Springhouse dock.

The "parking lot", but don't worry, you can drive as well! It is further for us to drive, so we tend to make an earlier reservation to insure us a slot on the dock!

When you arrive, you give them a call and they send down golf carts to pick you up and take you to the restaurant. It's perfectly adorable and the girls/guys are always the nicest, Southern hospitality at it's finest.

The horses are HUGE and gorgeous. It was hard for me to get a great shot while moving on the cart.

There she is, beautiful Springhouse!

They do weddings all the time on the property and in the stables!

Hate this turned out so blurry, but I was too excited to notice and wanted to get inside to eat (and drink!)

My better half, recipe taster and often my photographer. Couldn't make Magnolia Thymes without his constant love and support. He's quite good looking too (I don't hate it :) )

We went up to have drinks and watch the sunset on their balcony.

4th of July has quickly become one of our favorite holidays together. It's relaxed, filled with family, food, and the water. No pressure of gifts or too many posed photographs. We often forget to take them of ourselves and I am so happy we snapped this one just the two of us, framer for sure!

We LOVE their small plates/snacks. Finally got my Dad to cave and admit that boiled peanuts are undeniably delicious, even if it had to happen at a nice restaurant, it happened. I do expect them at tailgates this year now, Dad.

Sipping on the best.

I have been dreaming of this chicken since I left. Pan roasted spring chicken with jalapeño white BBQ sauce and a field pea salad. Field peas and lady peas are my JAM. So is white BBQ sauce...#Southergirltothecore.

The vegetable plate is always a favorite and popular dish with our group. Springhouse always has the seasons best and freshest ingredients.

We always get at least one dessert for the table, but at Springhouse it is too hard to get just one. From the bottom up: Beignets,  Springhouse S'mores (homemade marshmallow, homemade graham cracker topped with a molten lava cake. I swear you'll never taste anything this good), and finally a Samoa Ice Cream sandwich. Springhouse's Pastry Chef, Michael McCarthy quite literally knocks the desserts out of the ballpark.

So the next time you're on Lake Martin, or just passing through to Auburn, I highly recommend you take the time to stop and eat at Springhouse. Their Sunday Brunch is to die for as well. Now I am sitting in Atlanta plotting my next trip to the lake and making sure that we have a reservation at Springhouse. I just simply cannot get enough.

Until next time, eat, drink & be merry!

blueberry and goat cheese salad w. lemon vinaigrette

blueberry and goat cheese salad w. lemon vinaigrette

bcs national championship 2014

bcs national championship 2014