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grilled peaches with prosciutto + balsamic glaze

grilled peaches with prosciutto + balsamic glaze

By a series of fortunate events, I was introduced to a lovely lady named Anna Claire, of Anna Howard Studios. Upon meeting one another, we had a sense familiarity and it turned out that this familiarity was due to the fact that we went to Auburn University at the same time AND both graduated with degrees in English Literature. We even had several classes together. What. A. Small. World. Where we actually met was at a photography workshop, of which I was helping out with and she was attending. Anna Claire made the decision to come quite literally at the last minute and I am so thankful that she did! Our paths definitely crossed again for a reason, because together we have teamed up and she is now my 'in house', if you will, photographer. Aside from taking pictures of the food I produce, she works her camera like magic all around the city of Atlanta. Weddings, portraits, styled shoots, travel...you name it, she's your gal. I am more than lucky to have her  and if you're in the need for any sort of photography, I highly recommend her work.

Although I grew up in Alabama and peaches are, in my opinion, equally as abundant and delicious as they are in here in Georgia, I felt a draw to buy them and incorporate them as much as possible this summer, as it was my first in the peach state. Peaches bring back a comforting nostalgia of guzzling them down as a little girl, never denying the chance to have a perfectly ripe peach. My parents were notorious for stopping at any and all farmers stands on the side of the road as we traveled around in the summer and more often than not, we would leave with a beautiful baskets of peaches and tomatoes.

While the typical summer peach dish in my family's household is good southern peach cobbler, I saw Bobby Flay make this recipe on his show BBQ Addiction recently and just knew I had to make it immediately. As 10 year olds of the 90's were watching cartoons, I was watching the Food Network dreaming of being able to cook all of the dishes my eyes saw one day. Thankfully that dream is coming to life now in my own kitchen. One thing I love about Bobby Flay is that his dishes are simple, elegant, and even in his Iron Chef way, he makes them accessible to any viewer.

Grilled Peaches with Prosciutto + Balsamic


  • 3 peaches, halved and pitted
  • 1 bunch basil leaves, removed from stem and left whole
  • 3/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tablespoon honey
  • 6 slices prosciutto, cut in thin strips
  • sea salt flakes
  • olive oil


1. Bring balsamic to a boil in a small sauce pan until it thickens, then stir in the honey and remove from heat.

2. Pre-heat grill or grill pan, which ever you feel like using. Brush peach halves with olive oil and place on the cut side down on the grill pan and cook about 2-3 minutes. Turn peaches over to the skin side and cook about a minute longer.

3. Place peaches on serving tray. Top each peach with a piece of prosciutto in an "accordion" shape. Drizzle with balsamic glaze and top with a small basil leaf.

As the end of summer approaches, it is still easy to get those perfectly fresh summer ingredients. I encourage you to run out this weekend and pick up these few items to make this delicious dish. You will probably even want to double this recipe...it's that good. The sweetness of the peaches burst in your mouth from the warmth of the grill, the saltiness of prosciutto that's just right amount, the vinegary bite of balsamic glaze, and finishing it all with a crisp piece of basil, make this dish simply perfection.

Until next time, keep savoring summer...

*All photos included in this post are by Anna Howard of Anna Howard Studios.

**Recipe adapted from Bobby Flay

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