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beach bachelorette

beach bachelorette

When the cold weather's got you down, you write up a blog post on your bachelorette trip to the beach.

I just wish I could teleport myself and my girlfriends back to have this weekend again. I knew I wanted a relaxing weekend with the ladies I love, so heading to the beach where I grew up and where one of my best friends got married couldn't have been more perfect. My cousin/sister/bestfriend/maidofhonor, planned the whole trip and certainly pulled out all the stops. Not only are our mother's sisters, our beach houses on these same waters, were two houses down from each other growing up. It is an understatement to say we've made memories around these parts together.

Between my MOH Mallory and bridesmaid Tori, they did NOT miss a beat. The decorations were handmade, the cookies brought in custom. I owe them everything for all they did this weekend. Now to list the highlight reel of our places visited...

Where we stayed:

Seacrest, perfectly nestled between Rosemary Beach and Seaside. With a quick 4 minute walk to the beach. 

Where we ate:

Cafe 30-A was a must on my list and plays in with the nostalgia aspect of our trip. Mallory and I have been in and out of this restaurant since we were probably 5, with the chef and waiters teaching us how to hang spoons on our noses and ordering Shirley Temples by the gallon. It's a classic. A staple. A MUST when you're in the 30-A area. I cannot say enough.

Angelina's. We are the type of girls who enjoy drinking beer on the beach and throwing back two large pizzas, what's up. IT WAS AWESOME. 

Where we went:

Tootsies. I mean it was my bachelorette weekend and wow. So many ridiculous memories made there. Definitely a must for a fun night out in that area. 

Rivercamps. Mine and Mallory's father's both own property here, so we've also been coming here for many years! It nearly takes your breath away when you arrive. Almost out in the middle of nowhere on the bay, yet not too far (15 minute drive from the beaches). The lavish pool nestled on the bay was exactly what we needed for some major RR (read, hungover) afternoon. 

Fonville Press to ease each morning's hangover and stock up on more wine and champs. It was too perfect that we could and should have walked but always drove because, you know...

If this photo doesn't speak enough for itself...WOW. I will be heading back to the beach in September every year I can from now on. No crowds. High 70s/low 80s. Crystal clear water. Can it get any better?


RULE #1 for ALL BRIDES: always pop champs!!!

To my ladies, best friends & soulmates: you keep me sane. Thank you for this trip I will never forget. I think my "abs" are still recovering from all the laughter....even months later. I love you all to the moon. 

italian chopped salad

italian chopped salad

cobb salad dip

cobb salad dip