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the first year of marraige

the first year of marraige

"What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life--to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in all pain, to be one with each other in silent unspeakable memories at the moment of the last parting?"- George Eliot

magnolia thymes wedding

We blinked.

That's how fast it went. A whole year...in a flash. 

So many things have happened this year. A (halfway) cross country move. A parent with cancer. Leaving old jobs, beginning new ones. Huge life changes and decisions and without the constant love and support towards one another we wouldn't be able to get through these things. To say we have been tested this first year of marriage is an understatement. We have survived...and thrived. 

I admire so many things about my husband, but one that probably gets me the most is his contagious optimism. Where would we all be in this world if there wasn't a decent amount of optimists? Lost. We would be lost. I would be lost without him. In the darkest moments, he finds the light. When I don't think I can carry on, he guides me. When I don't feel like smiling, he makes me laugh...and the big, loud, hurts your stomach type of laugh. Thank you for getting me through this past year with all its ups and downs. 

One thing I have wanted to do for each year of our marriage is write some sort of renewed vows each year. Some will change, some will remain constant...but here they are. 

My dearest RT,

I promise to pick up your endless amount of candy wrappers you leave all over the house, with only mild complaints. 

I promise to remind you to reset your lineup on Wednesday nights before your fantasy team plays Thursday. 

I promise to throw away your empty boxes of snacks that you leave in the pantry for the poor soul (me) to grab the box and find nothing is left. 

I promise to google and try to convince you that you have ______ condition/disease and that you need to see _____ physician about it...at least twice a week. 

I promise to only make you sit through very few episodes of my "housewives", as you call them.

I promise to let you pick the movie, because when you do, they're usually good. 

I promise to let you drive the entire car ride, no matter how long the journey...this is my gift to you! You must see!

I promise to wait on you all the times you take longer to get ready than me, even when I do curl my hair...I always seem to be finished first!

I promise to drink endless amounts of Pinot with you throughout the year.

I promise to convince you, rightfully so, that we MUST watch certain shows: Stranger Things, just to gloat through every episode seeing how much you ended up loving it. 

I promise to only have one real anniversary now, even though I will always let you know its our date-iversary too. 

I promise to forego the typical/traditional/modern anniversary gifts each year and appreciate your efforts in researching this one. 

I promise to listen to you when I am not able to think correctly. 

I promise to give you all the love I know how. Every day. 365 and beyond. 

All photos in this post are by Arden Photography. Keep scrolling for our wedding video by Crooked Tree Productions! 

magnolia thymes wedding
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magnolia thymes wedding
magnolia thymes wedding

Until next time, happy anniversary to us!

cheesy bruschetta

cheesy bruschetta

the bridal party

the bridal party