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five months in a new city

five months in a new city

Although a small amount in the grand scheme of things, I cannot believe we have been here for 5 months already! You have been quite the whirlwind, first half of 2016. I never thought we'd be moving to the Lonestar State when we got married in November...but alas, here we are. As with any move, even in an in-town move, there comes a serious side of bittersweetness with it. I grew up in the same house and didn't understand what moving was until I left for college 7 years ago. In the past 7 years we have moved separately and collectively more times than I can count and the number definitely exceeds the amount of years, as crazy as that sounds. Needless to say, moving has very much been a part of our lives for a while now. None of these moves were like this one or amounted to the distance and honestly, until the past month or so it has not hit me the gravity of it. I was so excited to try something new and get a new and much larger apartment that I ignored what was really happening around me. 

Moving away from family and friends I knew would be hard, but never imagined how hard. The phrase "you don't know what you have until it's gone", is 100% true, 100% how I feel and I am 100% okay with being that cliché at this moment in my life. I never realized how much I truly loved the city of Atlanta until we were away from it. Not just the people, and god I love the people of Atlanta, but the city itself, my job of almost three years, our church, so many hard things to walk away from. 

Back in Atlanta on our old street. See  Atlanta Street's Alive post  for more details on this day. 

Back in Atlanta on our old street. See Atlanta Street's Alive post for more details on this day. 

We were fortunate enough to live on the Eastside BeltLine, and sorry Katy Trail, but you don't hold a candle.  I felt like we really were able to use the city the way I wanted to with being that close to such amazing pedestrian access. I always told RT that I felt like we lived at the beach in that apartment. Growing up, my brother and I spent our summer nights cruising around on our bikes in our beach neighborhood. It wasn't until we moved to our city apartment in Atlanta that I a) had a bike again and b) rode all the time at night, making me feel like that same kid at the beach again. Additionally, we lived across the street from Ponce City Market. If you're not from Atlanta and familiar, Ponce City Market is from the developers of Chelsea Market in NYC. After living across from one, and being completely biased, I can full heartedly say PCM beats out Chelsea Market, TEN FOLD. 

If I am completely raw and honest right now, as I type this out, my heart is literally hurting. But CHANGE IS HARD. CHANGE IS GOOD. CHANGE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY.  

The biggest blessing in this process, and my life, is my husband Rustin. We are both very much, GO GO GO people and that is exactly how this move came upon us. The offer was put on the table and literally a week later we were in Dallas looking for a place to live. My heart beams with pride for him and the work he put in to get us here and continues to put in while we are here. RT deserved this promotion more than anything and I couldn't see myself anywhere else in the world than getting a front row seat in watching his career blossom. 

Something a dear and wise friend of mine, Joanne, told me so many times before moving was what an exciting time this was going to be for our marriage. And, I will say, she couldn't have been more right. Our relationship has grown so much in getting out of our comfort zones. We lived 2 hours from our hometowns. We lived 2 hours from my parents' lake house where we spent our summers. We lived 2 hours from the college town we met in. If that doesn't sound like a geographical comfort zone, I don't know what does. On the emotional comfort side of things, we rely on each other in a way that we have never before. We moved out here not knowing a soul except each other. Luckily, we have found some old friends that do live out here and that has been awesome. We are always looking for fun new friends so, Dallas people---reach out and let's have a drink! 

While I miss my old job and city so much, I do feel like it's time to give the big D a little praise in this post. Okay okay okayyy. I'll admit it. I've been hard on Dallas. When we are asked about how we're liking the new city, RT immediately responds with a, "oh I LOVE IT!"; that's my happy-go-lucky, optimistic spirt of a husband for you. My doesn't do change well, pessimistic spirt always replies, "I like it, I just don't love it"...I am all about that honestly, y'all! I don't think that when you move to a new place that within the first month you have to be all, "hell yea I was made for this city!!!", I do however feel that I have given myself the time to "mourn" the lost of our previous life and getting into the excitement of really getting to discover this city of ours. So when I give my blasé answer about how I feel, it really has more to do with what I miss, than where I am. 

Diva life is hard.

Diva life is hard.

Our new apartment is huge in comparison to our old place. While I could write a love letter every day to our old apartment (as far as location went), you can't beat space. We were spending stupid money in ATL on a storage unit to fit all of our other stuff. So going from a 1/1 to a 2/2.5 has been HEAVEN. This apartment was also the only place we looked at when we came to find a place to live, no joke! It gave Rustin the downtown location he wanted and placed itself across the street from the farmers market ---WIN! Immediately after moving into this apartment, it felt like home and I couldn't have asked for more than that. Our Scoutie girl is loving all of her new space too! So just to see how many clichés within this post... it doesn't matter where you are, but who you're with that makes it home. 

Just to put you curious folks in to a perspective of where we live, as I said we live downtown, but practically in the Deep Ellum neighborhood. For my ATL people, Deep Ellum reminds me of a mixture of Little Five Points/Edgewood/Inman Park. It's very eclectic... just how I like it. There are more restaurants and places to get a fabulous cocktail at our fingertips than you could imagine. Our side of town is definitely still in the transitioning phase and it is super cool to be a part of that. Also traffic is SO. MUCH. BETTER. If you currently live in Dallas and do not think so, go hang out in Atlanta or Houston for a bit and see how you feel about the traffic in those cities. Here, going 4 miles actually takes you under 10 minutes. Going 4 miles in Atlanta could mean you're in the car for well over an hour. Rustin's commute alone has cut in half and that has made a much happier husband to walk in the door!

at  Bar Boheme  in HTX.

at Bar Boheme in HTX.

Speaking of Houston, we are so incredibly close and I love it! Reason being: my brother and his girlfriend, cousin and her family, and my parents (half the year), live there! We made our first trip from Dallas to Houston a few weeks ago and it really helped me with feeling like we do still have family close, because that is the truth!  

Now what have I been up to? GREAT QUESTION!!! For the first time ever I have the actual time on my hands to work on my blog in a more realistic way and for that I am so grateful. By the beautifully strange way the universe works, I got connected with an amazing family here in Dallas once we moved and have been working with them since. I cook dinner for them once a week and do a little babysitting! It has been so much fun. I never knew how exciting and nerve wracking cooking for other people would be. Additionally, I still run the social media accounts for my dad's companies, Covington Flooring and NAH Sports Flooring, as I have been doing for the past few years. I am always looking for more though...so anyone in the area that needs a personal cook/chef or if you aren't/are local and want any social media marketing, email me! 

Bottom line...FRIENDS AND FAMILY, COME SEE US. Anyone that lives in Dallas, let's hang!


Until next time, everyone have a fabulous weekend!








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